October Wrap Up/ Прочетено през октомври

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Здравейте на този празничен ден!
Както знаете, че е традиция, в края на месеца идва времето за равносметка. И сега ще ви покажа кои книги съм прочела този типично есенен месец.

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Hello. dear readers!
Autumn is going at full speed and what more do we have left than to sit with a mug of hot drink and a good book? Again I am here to show you the books I have read this windy October. I still have difficulties to believe how fast the time passes! Like it was yesterday when I last wrote the September wrap-up... Nevermind, the good thing that time passes, is that you read more and more books. And we love books, don't we?

So here it is what I read:

1- New Moon - Twilight book 2
We all know the Twilight trend, so I am not going to explain it again.
So, last month I started with this saga and totally wanted more. And here I am with half-finished Twilight series.
The second book was really good and I dare say way better than the first. I liked it.

2- Eclipse - Twilight book 3
Aand to be honest, I was disappointed to read this one. Yeah, the previous two were good and acceptable, but this one I didn't enjoy. Was the plot too prolonged and kind of... unneeded? Yeah, I felt like this book was written only for the numbers, and not for the quality.

3- The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - The Chronicles of Narnia book 3
The thing here is.... I loved it! I am in love actually with all the Narnia books, and most of all with "The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe" is my favorite.
I needed this kind of relax after Bella's endless self-pity and anxiety (maybe). And this kind of book felt like a real themed to the autumn leafs.

4- Pride and Prejudice
The truth is - I have been reading this one for 3 years already. Yeah, you read it right... Years.
I bought it when I was eight grade for I wanted to practice my English and grabbed the first book with good cover (never do that if you buy books!). Then it occurred that I have bought an English classics book, written in the early 1800s. Totaly left it without looking at it again, because I clearly could understand a word.
However, now I picked it up again and I found out to have developed my English skill, for I even liked the book!
Recommend it for everyone who liked historical books.

Well, that was all for October and hope to see yall soon!

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