September Wrap Up - прочетено през септември

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И септември се мина.... но какво да се прави. Тогава идва времето за месечния отчет, което винаги ме радва, ако съм прочела добро количество книги. И септември определено ме радва заради това.
Българският вариант на Отчетът За Септември, можете да прочетете в рубриката ми в блога на прекрасната авторка - Йоана Вълчева.


 I cannot believe it that September passed so quickly! However, I cannot stop it. But the best thing about ending of any month it that I have to do wrap-ups and I love doing them! Also, if the month has been good, it is even better - and September made it to the I-am-proud-of months.

 So, this month I read 6  books, which gives me speed with the year challenge of 50 books. ( i have read 39 so far) And here it is what I read:

1. The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe.

 This is the first book of the series of "Narnia".  After last month I read the prequel to the story, now it was time for the very first book. I am so very glad I read it and I liked it very much. To sum up my review, which I still haven't translated into English, it is as you are watching the film in your head. it looks like it is the very scenario of the movie adaption and it brought a lot of childhood memories to me.

2. Prince Caspian

And this is the second book of the series of Narnia. I just couldn't resist starting the second after I read the first one. Of course, there is no way that I won't like any of the Narnia series, but this one had its bad perks, however, they are not so important. Unfortunately, I haven't translated that one too, so be patient.

3. Bai Ganio

 This one is a Bulgarian author book which is a classic. it was for my school literature classes and I had for summer reading. It is about a Bulgarian guy who travels around Europe to sell his rose oils to the citizens. But he (his name is Ganio) doesn't know any of the languages needed for the countries he visits. And that way he gets to plenty of comedic situations.

 I do not read a lot of Bulgaria authors only for they are not so good as the foreign, for example. But this is what we Bulgarians have and we love it.

4. Everything, everything.

The book is not so bad, but I felt it like it was unfinished and not fully written. It definitely is in need of more details and descriptions, and above all more precisely described feelings. For me, this is one overrated book, which has less good perks than bad. I really hoped to give a full star rating to this one, but I was left disappointed. Excuse me, but I liked the movie better.

5. Ruthless

This is one of the types of books that makes you think the month has been satisfying. I think this book is worth every minute you spend reading it. Personally, after I read it, I needed some time to order my thoughts, because it was so much. So much good things I had to say and write, that I had difficulty in ordering all of it. Do not get me wrong, I am not a fan of erotic novels, but this one got me! It all has the sense to be read-only because of the mystery and plotline.

5. Twilight

Yeah, yeah, I know. You may wonder - are there still people who haven't read that one? Yes, obviously, me. But finally, i managed to get to the famous Twilight and read it. And to say true - I am glad I did, for I liked it. I clearly know what more of the folk thinks of the book and the vampire novels that come up, but for me, this is the book that started all the trend with the vampire-werewolf fever. So that's is one of the things that make me think Twilight is one good book. GOOD, not extraordinary, though. Here is a review.

Currently, I am finishing up with New Moon and for now, I am all good with it. So wait for a new review soon. (if I manage to translate this one).

And one more month is completed! I have already read one big part of my challenge - 40 out of 50. And I think I should have chosen a bigger number. Unfortunately, this month I couldn't finish the Narnia series, but i am planning to pay the debt in October. And speaking of October...

I think to continue with the Twilight saga, and then to try something new. Of course, I have to finish Narnia, too, as I said. So I have a lot to read this month, so I should brace myself. Iwhich will be hard with my new Spanish lessons)

Thank you for your patience and hope to see you back soon!♥

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